How To Gain The Maximum Amount Of Neighbors

Anyone that has played social games on Facebook knows that neighbors and friends are the way that you get ahead in the game.  FrontierVille is no different than any other social game on Facebook, and to really shoot ahead in the game, you need tons of neighbors and you need to know how to use them to your advantage.  Of course, getting all of those neighbors can seem like a massive undertaking that you’ll never win if you’re just starting out.  Don’t worry though pardner!  We’ve got you covered and here are the FrontierVille secrets that you need to know to blow your neighbor list wide open and start reaping the benefits.Friends – The first place that you want to start with are your current friends.  Chances are that more than a few are already firmly addicted to this new Zynga game, so you simply need to start by sending your current friend’s neighbor requests.  You can do this by opening up the game and going to the My Neighbors area.  From there, you will be able to see which friends are currently your neighbors and which aren’t.  Those that aren’t, you’ll be able to send a request to.

FrontierVille Game Page – On the main game page for FrontierVille, you will find several areas in the Discussion Tab that will allow you to post your name to neighbor’s lists and add new neighbors from those that are on that list.  To do this, simply reply to that particular topic post and type in “Add me” and your name will be added to those lists for more neighbors.  You can also click on other people that are on the list and add them as friends.  This will add them to your game list and you’ll be able to send them neighbor requests as well.  You will find that there is a main game page and a FrontierVille website page that are both ran by Zynga on Facebook.

FrontierVille Fan Pages – There are several growing fan pages out there for FrontierVille and it’s well worth your time to add your name to several of their neighbor lists.  These work just like the ones on the main FrontierVille game page and will grab you tons of neighbors and new friends as well.  Simply add your name to their list and click on some of the other people on the list and add them as friends.  Here are some pages that you will want to join and add your name to: FrontierVille Success page, this is our FrontierVille fan page and one that you’ll gain a lot of knowledge from, FrontierVille Facts page, they have thousands of friends that post constantly and you’ll gain a ton of neighbors and knowledge about the game, as well as tips from other players, and help trading items you need.

While this doesn’t sound like a lot, it can be a bit time consuming.  And, you will have to watch how many friends you add in one day as Facebook will put a block on you if you are trying to click on too many profiles at one time for adding friends.  Make sure that you take the time to add your name to some of the different friend’s lists that I’ve shown you here and it won’t be long before you’ll be flooded with neighbor requests as well as free gifts and other great perks that go along with having tons of neighbors in FrontierVille.


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